I have been advocating the #powerofwords for years; not only because I am a lover of words but because I have experienced both being at the giving and receiving end of irresponsible/careless use of words.

I am also an advent student of words and I have every now and then repeat my message that “our choice of words, become us”.

Leaders, especially need to grasp the responsibility of uttering words to their audience. It is not only a reflection of your heart, but most importantly, it creates massive impact amongst those who believe in you.

My daughter was appointed the prefect of her school and I take great pride in her accomplishments. She also shared with me that she is also the head for her Netball Team and English Club.

…and then her choice of words sent ripples of shock into my body. She said “I now have the power…”

I asked her who told her that being a prefect gives her power and she said, ‘…my teacher’. Whatever are they teaching our children?

Here is what I understand about leadership. I shared it with her and I am sharing it with you.
It has nothing to do with POWER. Instead, it has everything to do with PERMISSION.

I want you to reflect on your relationship with those you follow. We only support, follow and do what leaders ask of us because we gave the leader the permission to lead us. It is and always be up to us to take action. So, if we refuse…leaders usually have no POWER over us because we make our CHOICES independently.

So, when we are the leader, we are only in that position because people around us agreed to believe in us; be aligned with our mission, vision and goals – to allow us to lead. So, when we ask and action is taken…the power is actually in their hands.

Make sense?

The choice of words are so powerful in this matter. Are you a leader with POWER or are you a leaders with PERMISSION?

Just look around you. World leaders. Corporate leaders. Ministers. Teachers. Parents.

Do they really have leadership?
By force (POWER)?
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Photo by Lopez Robin on Unsplash