By Syireen R

Stories don’t matter, until it does.

People will tell you to keep the past in the past. It does tremendous justice to growth and healing when pain is left where it should be.

I have been told that the Point of Power is in the Present, and I believe. Many of my accomplishments were achieved for taking action at the moment opportunity opens.

I have experienced that second guessing myself sees me staring at opportunities close, simply in a state of paralysis from taking immediate action.

I have also experienced lost and betrayal. Deceit and injustice.

Sounds familiar?

I have so many stories that I don’t care to recall. It’s too shameful. Painful, Regretful…until someone comes and the stories that were poison to me becomes an antidote for her pain.

I have been seeking the universe for answers. Having loads of ‘why’ questions. Why would this happen to me? Why do I give to ingrates? Why don’t I get more support as much as I give?

Then the universe answers. “I never GIVE you MORE than you can HANDLE…because somewhere down the road, somebody else will gain strength from yours”.

After all…I did ASK to serve.

I guess now I understand what it means by “someone’s poison may be someone else’s medicine”.

By serving, I learned. Would you like to hear my stories?

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Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash