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Many dream of writing but very few every pen their thoughts because writing takes more than passion. The root to writing is thinking.

TULIS was founded to encourage critical thinking in designing thought processes with resounding impact.

It is designed to create leaders.

We know leaders read and leaders write. Writing helps thoughts get in order and form more clarity for the thinker.

TULIS is designed in 4 parts:

  • TULIS Explore
  • TULIS : Right to Write
  • TULIS : Write to Think
  • TULIS : Write to Book

Let’s discuss your requirements over coffee (or tea). We Zoom call too.

Branding with Words

Branding is more than visual. Businesses often miss that branding is a perception of essence that answers, “What is your Brand a Stand for?”

Branding with Words looks into your WHY and sums it in ONE WORD (or two). From the creation of its meaning, a centennial brand can be formed from get go.

Branding with Words is designed in 3 parts:

  1. The Trigger Program
  2. The Word is Not the Thing Program
  3. The Brand Transformation Program

Let’s discuss your requirements over coffee (or tea). We Zoom call too.

Power of Words

Words are the most powerful weapon known to men.  It has build bridges and burn them to ashes.

Power of Words Programs are created as a self-development sessions where participants get to dive into the essence of the word and achieve breakthroughs.

Power of Words programs are :

  1. Beautiful Ache
  2. Power of Words Retreat

Let’s discuss your requirements over coffee (or tea).  We Zoom call too.

 Satisfied Customers

“Thank you Syireen, I enjoyed the session.

Whilst it may have started out a little slow for me, the session came into its own by the end of it. And I am happy to say  that I will return to work energized & motivated to my new things.”

Wong Li Chin


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