What do you get? Professional Writing Services.

Who is writing for you? Writers with backgrounds ranging from journalism, public relations, advertising, and the media industry. We also house niche writers who specialises in business, real estate, health and wellness, lifestyle : fashion & travel, food & beverages and education industries.

What do we write?
  • Creative Copy for Advertising.
  • Advertorials.
  • Corporate Profile.
  • Newsletter.
  • Social Media Content Creation.
  • Contributing Articles.


What do you get?

Professional Writers with Years of Experience in respective areas of specialisation

Who is writing for you?

Writers who have background in corporate and commercial scriptwriting.

What do we write?
  1. YouTube Videos.
  2. TV Commercials.
  3. Corporate Videos.
  4. Explainer Videos.
  5. Informative Videos.

Coffee Table Book

Coffee Table Books are aesthetic work of art that is filled with memorable content for the reader. It is written to entertain guests and receivers of the book, or open a conversation that inspires possibilities. It can be both a creative expression or a corporate gift that displays the journey.

What do we write?
  1. Preservation Work.
  2. Lifestyle : Travel.
  3. Lifestyle : Fashion.
  4. Commemorative Events.
  5. Social Enterprise Movements.
  6. Corporate Social Responsibility Showcase.
  7. Personality.

Book Writing Services

Everybody has a story to tell and everybody has 24-hours in a day. We provide book writing services where we collaborate with authors to edit, fine tune and rework on books left on the shelfs to collect dust.

Our lead writers will speak/interview, design the outline, strategise the direction of the book before embarking on the writing project. Once all is fulfilled, books are normally written between 1-month to 3-months.

Editing & Paraphrasing

The author is often ‘blind’ to their own errors.  Leave your work in the hands of our trusted editors and paraphrasers whose background range from the media industry, journalists, professors and linguist in their respective mother tongue.

What we edit?
  • Academic Papers.
  • Books.
  • Essays and Articles.
  • Journal Publications.


Consider reaching more audience by providing them materials and knowledge in their mother tongue.  Our translators are certified

What languages do we translate?
  • Malay (Malaysian).
  • Malay (Indonesian).
  • Chinese (Classic)
  • Chinese (Simple)
  • English
  • Japanese
  • Korean

 **other languages are mostly available.  Please inquire within.

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