Choice of Words becomes You.
by Syireen R
I have been studying the following words:
1) Responsibility
2) Integrity
3) Accountability

I have been receiving feedback that go in circles, of which, these words get intertwined and create more confusion. I have also seen many who claim to put these words in practice and end up equally jumbled up in a twisted triangulated love affair with the words.

Over the weekend at Money & You, I received a distinction and now excited to put into practice:

1) Responsibility is NOT a burden or duty. It is human connection and being 100% present to the connection of humanity and what I have committed to honor. It is a state of being.

2) Integrity is being whole and complete. 100% honest to my truth and continuously upholding it in full view or absence of humanity.

3) Accountability is to keep track of my behavior to stay in integrity and responsible for the 100% success of humanity.

Make sense?

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